AXA IM and Dreams enter into a European partnership, empowering millennials to save and invest towards their goals

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) and Stockholm-based Fintech company Dreams have entered into a strategic partnership to offer millennials an innovative range of investment services through the...

Market Thinking - From weak to strong hands

Certain aspects of markets feel like early 1999, volatility is spiking as leveraged low volatility trades blow up, and a bout of distressed selling is being misinterpreted as markets being warned...

€643 million raised for second Pan-European Value-Added Venture

PEVAV II aims to deploy up to c. €1.3 billion into well-located value-add investment opportunities in Europe’s major cities

Acquisition of TechnoCampus in Berlin

TechnoCampus is a landmark office complex in Berlin with significant development potential,

Iggo's Insight - Don't worry about rates

Volatility spiked in December but risk has rebounded in January. The Federal Reserve has found a new settlement with the markets.

Longevity - Chapter 6 - The impact of longevity on the insurance business

Has rising longevity increased uncertainty around mortality tables? If so, how does it affect insurance companies?

Longevity - Chapter 4 - Longevity on the one hand, fertility declines on the other

Longevity and the shrinking of the working-age population are together very likely to conspire to make current working and retirement systems unsustainable.

Longevity - Chapter 3 - Ageing populations are not a death knell for asset prices

A decline in demand for financial assets due to ageing is unlikely to occur anytime soon

Longevity - Chapter 2 - The economic impact of the impending demographic decline

The rise in longevity is a welcome development and one that we can only hope continues

Longevity - Chapter 1 - The triumph of longevity

Dani Saurymper and Thomas Kirkwood discuss the implications and opportunities of longer life.

AXA Investment Managers confirms its new organisation and the evolution of senior leadership roles

AXA IM today confirms the implementation of its new organisation as set out in June 2018, having completed the French and UK social consultation processes. With a simpler and leaner organisation,...

Climate Change and Investment

The environmental impact we are having on the planet is set to influence the way governments act, industries function and businesses behave in the coming years.

Iggo's Insight - Happy Holidays

We look forward to not everything having a negative return in 2019.

Deal News: Acquisition of the retail park “Tannenbusch-Center” located in Bonn, Germany

Deal News: Acquisition of the retail park “Tannenbusch-Center” located in Bonn, Germany ...

Deal News: New leasing contract secured in Munich, Germany

25-year lease contract with the City of Munich for 13,190 sqm in Denisstraße 2 property

Deal News: Acquisition of a mixed-use development in Wiesbaden, Germany

c.4,320 sqm core mixed-use development in the prime location of Wiesbaden

Deal News: Second largest Madrid office letting in 2017 completed

7,050 m² let to Group CTO, a leading postgraduate education provider, at Albarracin 34

Deal News: Acquisition of a residential portfolio in Finland

The €22 million portfolio comprises three core assets in Helsinki and one in Tampere

Deal News: Acquisition of a Marks & Spencer food store in Dalston, East London

The 11,800 sq ft. unit is expected to complete in March 2018