Iggo's Insight - The Art… or chance of a Deal

The outlook for economic growth implied by global bonds continues to worsen as risk-free yields continue to fall.

Iggo's insight - Four out of four

The global economy has been in a long expansion. But there have been plenty of mini-cycles, which impact investment returns.

US reaction: US hikes tariffs as trade policy outlook worsens

The US enacted an increase in tariffs on $200bn of Chinese exports today at 12.01 (EST).
The tariff increase reflected the deterioration in ongoing negotiations. However, Chinese Vice Premier...

Are the robots coming to take our jobs and ruin our pensions?

A little dramatic maybe, but the industry is facing massive challenges from lower returns and digitalisation.

Digital Economy : 30 years of the world wide web

We believe investment opportunities will be created as these digital-native millennials hit their peak spending years

Iggo's insight - Accumulate Wealth & Save the Planet

Reducing the risk of capital losses resulting from litigation or regulatory charges on companies engaged in unethical activities by investing in those with higher standards will benefit bond...

Iggo's insight - Squeeze

Fixed income markets are enjoying a good run with the Federal Reserve again, suggesting this week that rates are on hold for the foreseeable future.

China in a bull shop

Laurent Clavel and Serge Pizem discuss their macroeconomic and asset allocation convictions for May 2019.

Real Assets strengthens U.S. team with two senior appointments

AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets (“AXA IM - Real Assets”), a global leader in real assets investment and the leading(1) real estate portfolio and asset manager, announces the appointments of...

Can politics and central banks derail the ongoing recovery?

Slow recovery continues among rising risks.

Outlook 2017 - Rates are back

We examine the fundamentals behind the present backdrop of low interest rates and challenge the dominant idea that this is the fate of our future as investors.

Could politics mess it all up?

Politics take the front seat : en route for a bumpy Q4.

China 2016 outlook - Three Rs: Rebalancing, Risk and Reform

The dreadful opening week of the Chinese markets for 2016 has reignited concerns about the world's second largest economy.

Appointment of new Country Head and Head of Asset Management in Italy

AXA Investment Managers - Real Assets strengthens senior Italian team with appointments of new Country Head and Head of Asset Management

Iggo's Insight - Warmer weather please

There have been some signs of global growth stabilising, although European data is lagging. China and the US published stronger data on manufacturing last week.

Climate Change and Investment

The environmental impact we are having on the planet is set to influence the way governments act, industries function and businesses behave in the coming years.

Iggo's insight - Still here…

Britain was supposed to have left the EU today. As you may have noticed, it hasn’t. However, Parliament might be able to finally get some agreement on the way forward. But we have learned that...

AXA IM Embraces Global Energy Transition with Launch of Clean Economy Fund

AXA Investment Managers (AXA IM) today announces the launch of the AXA World Funds Framlington Clean Economy fund which seeks to provide investors with access to the long term growth potential of...

Industrial robotics

The demand for industrial robots has accelerated due to the ongoing
trend towards automation and innovative technological advancements.

The future of living longer – three key insights from the Longevity Forum

The extension of life expectancy is a uniquely positive trend for people and communities around the world – but the phenomenon of ageing populations also brings its own challenges.