The purpose of AXA IM - Real Assets' research is to support product innovation and investment decisions through independent proprietary analysis on a wide range of issues that affect the global real assets market.

Our researchers provide applicable investment ideas, combining a global perspective with a detailed understanding of individual markets, leveraging on-the-ground intelligence derived from AXA IM - Real Assets' local professionals.

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Monthly Investment strategy

21 February 2019

February Investment Strategy: Eurozone slowdown risks an ECB stalemate

When unfavourable one-offs and soft patches last, later becomes never

Real assets

30 January 2019

Retail is not dead and regionally dominant shopping centres offer an attractive value play

The retail market is under pressure as it responds and adapts to the disruptive force of the internet on its traditional business model.

Responsible investment

29 January 2019

A look at why we believe 2019 will be green

Although 2018 may have fallen short of investors' expectations, we maintain that there are reasons to remain positive about the growth of the green bond market.

Responsible investment

28 January 2019

Impact investing: achieving a positive balancing act in challenging times

The award for investment acronym of the past year must go to ‘SDGs’, the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals.

Responsible investment

28 January 2019

COP24: are today’s climate change efforts enough to achieve our 2030 green target?

COP24 highlights that escalating climate risk can only be addressed by substantially greater efforts and rapid collective action.

Responsible investment

22 January 2019

COP24: Mind the Gap

Held in Poland, the latest Conference of the Parties delivered both achievements and disappointments.

Responsible investment

19 December 2018

Climate Change and Investment

The environmental impact we are having on the planet is set to influence the way governments act, industries function and businesses behave in the coming years.

Responsible investment

12 December 2018

The evolution of the flourishing green bond market

Over the last few years, rising awareness of climate change and the need to transition toward a low-carbon economy has driven both bond issuers and investors alike towards green bonds

Responsible investment

05 December 2018

Proxy Voting 2018 season: Key takeaways Year-To-Date

Voting at company meetings remains a crucial part of the dialogue between a company and its shareholders.