Responsible Investment

With our 2030 Vision to certify 75% of assets under management well on track, we developed a new four-step approach to improve Environmental, Social and Governance performance.

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AXA IM - Real Assets recognises the importance of sustainability measures that reduce environmental impacts, improve tenant wellbeing, and set high standards for corporate governance. Our aim is to improve the sustainability performance of our existing buildings and to acquire and develop buildings that meet increasing investor and tenant demand.

Our sustainability strategy, launched in 2015, has the objective to gain internationally recognised sustainability certifications for 75% of our direct property assets under management by 2030.

Countries select the most relevant certifications for their country and type of asset. A large proportion of our certifications (38%) are issued by BREEAM. We also use LEED (9%), and respected local certifications such as HQE in France (11%) and Minergie in Switzerland (29%), which are the industry standard in their home countries. Issue-specific or local certifications make up the remainder of our certifications (19%).