Real action

A committed and comprehensive approach to responsible investment

Empowering change
Investing in the building blocks of tomorrow

Enhancing and protecting the value of the investments we manage is a core part of our duty to our clients, our stakeholders, the communities we are part of, and ultimately, society. This means thinking beyond the needs of today to make sure we are able to adapt and confidently address future challenges.  

Together, we are building tomorrow.

Real action, Real results

Our investment decisions do much more than generate financial returns. They can also:

  • minimise the environmental impact of our assets
  • protect our assets against the future effects of climate change
  • collaboratively build a more sustainable future

Our approach to responsible investment

Responsible investment is at the core of our approach, and we consider both financial and non-financial criteria in every investment decision.

This allows us to build a more sustainable future while also delivering tangible, real-world assets that contribute to the global economy and the needs of society.

How we integrate ESG considerations into our investment cycle:


Our strategy is defined by three pillars

The built environment contributes significantly to the world’s annual carbon emissions, giving us the opportunity to make an important contribution to decarbonisation.

We are actively investing towards a low carbon future by creating infrastructure for renewable energy, developing best in-class real estate and transforming existing building stock into assets that can play a role in a low carbon future.

The impacts of climate change represent physical risks (such as from increasing extreme weather events), and transitional risks (such as from changes to regulations as major economies work toward a low carbon future) to our assets.

We are rapidly building our ability to identify and act on these risks as well as opportunities to add value by improving the resilience of our investments.

By investing in the ingenuity and innovation of our people, we are helping them to identify and capture new opportunities to create value while minimising risk.

We are engaging with a broad set of stakeholders in our efforts to embed sustainability throughout our investments and create a future that our people and future generations can thrive in.

Our sustainability targets

We have set out clear, measurable, ambitious and focused goals:

  • Net zero by 2050, near-term reduction of 20% operational emission intensity for direct real estate by 2025, compared with 2019 baseline year.
  • 75% of Real Assets (by AUM) certified by 2030
  • Minimum 4-star GRESB rating by 2022
  • 50% of Real Assets AUM within target trajectory by 2025 (aligned with 1.5 or 2 degree)
  • +50% tenant and partner base engaged by 2021
  • +75% AUM covered by our internal ESG rating methodology across all our platforms

Our work

We are working closely with our partners, tenants and supply chain to improve and enhance the value of our assets.