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Figures as at 31 March 2020

AXA CoRE Europe Fund

Draw on AXA IM - Real Assets’ unrivalled real estate knowledge and expertise

The AXA CoRE Europe Fund (the “Fund”) is an open-ended real estate investment fund that seeks to achieve long-term stable income through the acquisition of Core real estate assets across Europe, capitalising on individual market dynamics and timing.


"AXA CoRE Europe seeks to offer investors diversified exposure to European real estate, allowing for enough flexibility to dynamically manage economic and real estate cycles over the long term.”

Rainer Suter, Co-Head of Core Strategies



Investment Strategy

The Investment Objective of the Fund is to seek regular income combined with capital appreciation on the long term through investment in a diversified portfolio of European Real Estate.

The primary strategy is to seek high-quality Core office and retail assets located in established locations in major European cities, composing a large and mixed-size portfolio of assets. Diversification at asset, geography and sector level is intended to provide the ability to manage real estate cycles and to generate a long-term stable income.

Investment Rationale

The Fund aims at providing institutional investors with a diversified exposure to European real estate, through a large open-ended vehicle providing continuity of allocation to real estate income flows.

To deliver this objective, the Fund will rely on AXA IM - Real Assets’ established capabilities with 10 offices across Europe and more than 300 professionals in asset management, transaction and fund management.

AXA CoRE Europe offers a distinctive value proposition based on 3 pillars:

1. An exposure to prime core properties

AXA CoRE Europe brings privileged exposure to large scale core properties, which offer the highest intrinsic resilience

2. A well diversified, thus resilient portfolio

A defensive, well-balanced and truly diversified portfolio, spanning all sectors and geographies, that generates income and offers prospects for growth

3. On-the-ground proprietary asset management to extract value

Local asset management team in each country, driving value generation at the asset level, with longstanding experience in managing core assets


Liquidity: Investor redemption may be suspended for an indefinite period;
Performance and Investment strategy: There is no assurance that the Fund will realise its investment;
Market Volatility: Fund performance may be adversely affected by disruption and volatility within capital and credit markets and real estate markets, causing pricing and liquidity risk.
Past performance is not representative of future performance.

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