The purpose of AXA IM - Real Assets' research is to support product innovation and investment decisions through independent proprietary analysis on a wide range of issues that affect the global real assets market.

Our researchers provide applicable investment ideas, combining a global perspective with a detailed understanding of individual markets, leveraging on-the-ground intelligence derived from AXA IM - Real Assets' local professionals.

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Fixed income

High yield: Opportunities on the rise as the fallen angels descend

The hit has been hard, but the sector might have the flexibility (and monetary policy support) to have a decent crisis

Responsible investment

COVID-19: How a new breed of bonds can help finance the fight

The battle against the COVID-19 pandemic will incur a huge cost to the global economy.

Responsible investment

COVID-19: Greening the recovery

The economic shutdown due to the coronavirus pandemic has led to a steep fall in greenhouse gas emissions around the world. Estimates suggest it has fallen by a quarter.

Real assets

Curlow's Convictions: COVID-19 update

Uncertainty and volatility continue to reign, but data anecdotes begin to emerge

Real assets

Curlow’s Convictions: potential COVID-19 impact on real assets

Potential COVID-19 impact on real assets

Responsible investment

Coronavirus: How ESG scores signalled resilience in the Q1 market downturn

The growth of responsible investment over the past decade has largely coincided with the longest stock market bull-run in history.

Responsible investment

How responsible investing standards and policies affect returns

The asset management industry has traditionally adhered to the notion that excluding certain companies from investment portfolios based on sustainability considerations linked to certain business act ...

Responsible investment

How does AXA-IM adapt portfolios to reflect the transition theme?

Electoral support for environmental parties signals a persistent, long term trend.

Responsible investment

How have the UN SDGs helped to change the investment landscape?

Climate change, gender equality and healthy lives are the most investable UN SDGs